Our Crew


Emily Taylor - Owner & Rancher

The story of Emily the farmer starts with Emily the interior designer when a woman with an acute awareness of the home began to develop an acute awareness of the plate. For someone who has always loved food, creating a sustainable, beautiful, and practicable system for its production was a logical next step. On the ranch first acquired by her father in the 1950’s, Emily is inspired by the history of Amador County, rich in arable land and strong local communities. She is tasked with the humbling work of producing an integrated and regenerative agricultural system to provide the highest quality produce and pasture raised meats to clients who share her desire to mix old knowledge with new innovation. Emily works alongside her family Ned, Molly and Madeline, and a dedicated and influential team comprised of Sean, Ramon and Fatima and their Livestock Guard Dog, Osgood.


Sean Kriletich - Managing Consultant

Designing and managing sustainable agricultural operations has been Sean Kriletich’s lifelong passion. For the last 15 years he has been doing just that: managing his own community-scale multi faceted farm in the foothills of California’s great Sierra Nevada mountains and helping over a dozen other farms and ranches become the economically and environmentally sustainable operations of their owners’ dreams. At the PT Ranch, Sean brings his vision, insight and experience to the job of managing consultant. Taking a positive approach in the farming and ranching world means focusing on improving soil health instead of on the eradication of pests and noxious weeds, not only resulting in a more profitable operation but also to healthy and well-balanced systems. In his recreational time, Sean enjoys designing improved systems of all kinds, rock climbing, woodworking and writing.


Ramon Segura

Ramon Segura was born in Guadalajara and began working on a nearby horse ranch when he was a teenager. He met his wife, Victoria, in grade school and at nineteen asked her to marry him. In 1978 he decided to move to US and work on racetracks. He began his career working as a groom on Santa Anita, Los Alamitos, and Bay Meadows tracks, managing the most high-strung horses. Victoria followed him to the US in 1989 with their two young children Jorge, Monica and Fatima. In 1998 he moved to the Pope Ranch and continues to live and work on the ranch overseeing the livestock and the garden. His mother, 88, and father, 89, live in the nearby county of Yolo close to his brothers and sisters.


Fatima Segura - Sales & Livestock

Fatima Segura was born in 1990 in Jackson, CA and moved to the ranch when she was seven. One of 3 Segura children, Fatima distinguished herself by being her father’s right hand aid, helping to raise goats and chickens and tending the to horses. Fatima's interest in animal husbandry and farming began in high school through Future Farmers of America and 4-H. Fatima continues the Segura family tradition of working and living on the Pope Taylor Ranch, surrounded by the animals she has grown up caring for.